Organizations face increased cyber risks and threats from cyberattacks causing data breaches and compromising critical sensitive information. 

Our expert panel of risk and cybersecurity specialists review the cyber threat landscape, discuss how to identify, prevent and detect cyber risks, and explore the data breach lifecycle, including tools and practices used to unmask threat actors.

Watch our on-demand presentation hosted by our partner Stout to learn how to: 

  • Understand cyber risk and mitigation strategies
  • Use AI/ML in the prevention and detection of cyber risks and data breaches
  • Balance between data compliance legislation (GDPR, CCPA) and ML
  • Understand data breaches and their life cycle
  • Use tools and techniques to unmask threat actors
Featured Speakers:

Uday Gulvadi
Director, Stout

Fotis Konstantinidis
Managing Director, Stout

Mark Scarmozzino
Regional Director, Constella

About our Partner:
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Stout is a global advisory firm specializing in: Investment Banking; Transaction Advisory; Valuation Advisory; Disputes, Compliance, & Investigations; and Management Consulting. We serve a range of clients, from public corporations to privately held companies in numerous industries. Our clients and their advisors rely on our premier expertise, deep industry knowledge, and unparalleled responsiveness on complex matters. Learn about our Relentless Excellence® at

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