Cyber-enabled crime and fraud is extensive and is becoming more and more common, leading to a loss in data, reputation, and funds. Protecting an organization from cyberattacks require the collection and analysis of all types of data, including data that has appeared in breaches perpetrated by these cyberattacks.

Watch our on-demand presentation hosted by our partner Carahsoft to discover:

  • Data breach trends and how to use the data
  • How enriched breached data and identity intelligence can disrupt attacks, accelerate the investigation, unmask the modern threat actors and save millions in fraud losses
  • A real-life example of how breached data uncovered a threat actor’s identity behind the cybercrime 
Featured Speakers:


Luke Wilson

Luke Wilson
Vice President of Intelligence 

Erin Brown Product Manager, Constella

Erin Brown
Product Manager &
Sr Intelligence Analyst
, Constella

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