Pharma companies are high-value targets for threat actors because of their intellectual property as well as their vital role in developing life-saving treatments. The transition towards remote workforces, driven by the pandemic, has led to greater digital vulnerabilities and risk.

This report uncovers the widespread prevalence of breaches in the Pharma sector, detailing the serious damage than can be inflicted on employees, executives, brands, and the healthcare system.

Key Findings:

Constella identified over 4.5M exposed records from nearly 10k breaches and leakages exposing corporate credentials of employees from the Top 20 Fortune 500 Pharma companies.

  • 58% of Pharma executives have had their corporate credentials exposed in a breach (2018-2021)
  • 62% have been exposed in breaches that include PII, and 74% had their passwords exposed
  • 76% of total exposed records identified in the report occurred since 2020, escalating at an alarming rate.

Pharma Sector Exposure Report