53% of executives estimate a data breach can cost their organization $100k to $1M.

In our 2022 Survey Report, we compiled survey results from 100 global technology executives across all major industries to understand the impact of cybercrime and what measures leaders are taking to deal with cyber risks.

Key findings include:

  • Remote work has led to increased attack surfaces and an uptick in vulnerability to cyberattacks with executives and privileged IT personnel being the most at risk.
  • 46% of executives surveyed say that their organizations don’t monitor key employee exposed credentials on the dark or surface web or are unsure.
  • Most executives are concerned about employee-centric threats, while few are monitoring the dark web to mitigate risk.

Download the 'Executive Blindspot: Why Monitoring The Dark Web Matters' survey report and learn how you too might be more vulnerable than you realize.

2022 Survey Report