2019-Identity-Protection-Data-Breaches-SurveyThe results are in. As technology continues to pervade our lives, our identities are increasingly intertwined with the digital world. For all the good this digital revolution has brought, it has produced a certain level of risk as well. At times, individuals and businesses alike may feel helpless; however, much can be done to mitigate this unfortunate trend—and it starts with gathering insights from the true victims.

Constella surveyed more than 2,300 Americans about their experience with data breaches and protecting personally identifiable information. The results were eye-opening, and the need for consumers, companies and the country to know more and do better has never been clearer.

Download the Identity Protection & Data Breach Survey to learn about these findings and more:  

  • 44% of respondents said they were notified they were victims of a breach
  • 55% of the respondents believe that their personally identifiable information (PII) is likely already in the hands of criminals
  • 62% of respondents are concerned that their PII could be used by someone to commit fraud
  • 60% of respondents believe there’s a “blame-the-victim” problem with cybercrime
  • 37% believe they have already been a victim of fraud as a result of a cybercrime incident

Identity Protection & Data Breach Survey