Banks, insurance companies, stock brokerage, credit card companies, and financial institutions must take a new approach to digital risk protection.

Financial institutions are home to an individual’s most sensitive and personally identifiable information. This report uncovers the widespread prevalence of breaches in the Finserv sector, detailing the serious damage that can be inflicted on customers, employees, executives, and brands.

Constella analyzed 6,472 breaches/leakages and 3,367,059 exposed records from the top 20 Finserv companies on the Fortune Global 500. Key findings include:

  • 2/3 of breaches and leakages in the Finserv sector since 2018 include PII, with the most common attributes being email (100%) and password (72%).
  • 3.3M exposed records identified from nearly 6.5K breaches and leakages between 2018 and 2021 from top 20 Global Fortune 500 Finserv companies analyzed.
  • Finserv sector employees are incurring serious risk by using corporate accounts to register on entertainment, news, retail, gaming, and other sites across the web.
  • 70% of profiled executives have had their corporate credentials exposed in a breach or leakage since 2018. Of those executives exposed, 98% have been exposed in breaches that include PII, and over 40% had their passwords exposed.
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FinServ Sector Exposure Report