PayPod payments and fintech podcast, hosted by Scott Hawksworth, tech entrepreneur based in Chicago, IL 

It’s no secret that cryptocurrencies have taken the fintech world by storm, with seemingly limitless passion and potential propelling their usage forward. Unfortunately, cryptocurrencies like bitcoin have also drawn attention from some criminals, hackers, and fraudsters. Listen to experts Patrick Westerhaus, CEO at Cyber Team Six, and Luke Wilson, Vice President of Intelligence at Constella, for an informative cybersecurity discussion that will address: 

  • How and why cyber criminals are targeting and using cryptocurrencies
  • The story behind Cyber Team Six and Constella, and how they work to help organizations improve their detection and prevention of cybercrime
  • What some of the keys to preventing cybercrime are, and why doing so as it relates to crypto is a must-do for fintechs and payments organizations