In today's world, fraught with social, economic, and geo-political unrest, 

Almost 50% of security leaders report an increase in physical security threats & incidents at their company over last year.

Our 2022 annual cyber-physical report compiled survey results from  300+ global security leaders to understand the risks they face across their organization and their top security priorities as cyber-physical threats converge in a hyperconnected world.

Key survey findings include:

  • 51% report an increase in threats against a physical location
  • 43% report an increase in threats against a co-worker
  • 30% report an increase in threats against a senior executive
  • Most organizations do not monitor the dark web for emerging threats, leaving themselves vulnerable to cyber-physical risk.

Read the full 'Managing Increased Cyber-Physical Security Threats in a Hyperconnected World' report and get pro tips on how to better protect your organization from cyber-physical threats.

2022 Survey Report